Our Process

Plans are created in the following stages:

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Contact us at 405-705-2900. After an intake phone conversation, we will send you a worksheet that you will use to gather important information we will use at our initial meeting. At your initial meeting, we will gather information from you, answer your questions, and discuss your specific options for planning for the future.The first meeting is typically one to two hours. If you choose to engage Mugg Winston to draft your estate plans, we will determine a fixed fee for your project; the first 25% is paid at this time.

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Once we have all of the necessary information and we've designed your plan, we will draft your estate planning documents. These are typically presented to you within 4 to 6 weeks. 

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You will have the opportunity to review your drafts, ask questions of us, and make changes. Once you are comfortable with the plans, we will schedule a date for you to sign your documents. 

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On your signing date, you return to our office for a meeting where we review your estate plans and we explain the roles that the various documents play in implementing your wishes and protecting your family.  Our staff works with you, your financial advisors, and  others to fund your trust through asset transfers and beneficiary changes. 


Comprehensive Estate Plans Include:

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  • Last Will and Testament

  • Revocable Trust Agreement

  • Memorandum and  Declaration of Trust

  • Property Power of Attorney

  • Health Care Power of Attorney

  • Advanced Directive/Living Will

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  • Summary of Plan Documents

  • Diagrams Illustrating How Plan Functions

  • Instructions Explaining How to Properly Title Assets That Are Acquired After Signing

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  • Schedule of Assets

  • Assistance Funding Your Trust for Up to 60 Days After the Signing of Plan Documents. Includes Asset Transfers, Change of Beneficiary Designations, and Deeds.